Our Founder's Story

A journey of sickness to health. A fight for survival that began with research. 

EMF Solutions began after a period of sickness – and then – solutions. 

Founding Total EMF Solutions was personal.

Nearly a decade ago, I was in the fight for my life. Then, I found relief. Helping others became part of my purpose. 

My local power company installed a smart meter on my bedroom wall in the beginning of 2011. I experienced “microwave sickness” soon thereafter. Some people term this as being electro-hyper-sensitive or EHS. 

Here are the symptoms I was experiencing:

  • Leg cramps at night
  • Acid reflux
  • Migraines
  • Heart palpitations
  • Numbness in hands and arms, especially when waking up
  • Bleeding gums
  • Hair loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Weight gain
  • Eye problems
  • Sinus infections
  • Susceptible to the flu
  • Anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Diabetes, high blood sugar

The effects of man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) are cumulative. The symptoms continued to build and worsen. They impacted my life profoundly. In fact, I still notice the effects when I am regularly exposed. 

But then, something surprising happened.

After reducing my exposure to EMF and dirty electricity, my symptoms reduced too. 

Soon after beginning to sleep in a natural setting, my symptoms vanished. My life changed. 

I looked for the source of the problem. I researched what other people had experienced. Eventually, my inquiry led to reading scientific discoveries. 

Researching led to a knowledge of what EMF exposure does to the cell. 

With what I was experiencing, I decided to devote my time to reading thousands of studies.  These studies reveal the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation or EMF has on the cell. I became mostly self-taught through studying radio frequency, electrical engineering, and cell biology. 

Purchasing the proper scientific instruments and equipment allowed me to begin by mitigating EMF in my own home.

After finding above-average exposure in bedrooms of friends and family that couldn’t sleep well, I saw that I wasn’t the only one suffering. 

Sharing my experience now through hands-on consulting. 

As word of mouth spread, I decided to offer my services as a professional consultant. After mitigating exposure, people and animals have experienced positive results.  

My lemon has become lemonade as I hear the stories of lives being changed. And now, more experts are entering the field and proving the science behind it all. The progression now reminds me of Ignaz Semmelweis – the guy ridiculed for disinfecting his hands between delivering babies.

If you are experiencing the kinds of issues that I was, consider scheduling a consultation. It could be your first step on the journey back to health. 

Thanks for learning more about my experience with EMF. I hope it helps you.