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We’ve helped countless people to a better living environment by reducing their exposure to harmful EMF, RF, and dirty electricity. By measuring and mitigating sources of exposure, we guide you to a happier, healthier working and living environment. 

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Our in-person consultations can include some or all of the services below:

We use state of the art equipment to measure your home’s and your body’s exposure to EMF. Each home has different exposure – it’s impossible to know what may be happening inside your home without measuring frequencies. We come to your home and measure exposure with you present so you can personally observe the current condition of your living environment. 

We report on what your exposure is, so that you can have a baseline of what needs to be mitigated in order to have a healthy environment. The written report also shares clear data which can be referenced in the future, once mitigation has occurred. Reporting gives you a clear “before” picture. 

Once we have a clear report of what your exposure is, we identify the source (or more likely, the sources). These sources could be internal to your home, or external, and we help you deploy the right tools and fixes to mitigate your exposure. Not all work/home situations can be fully mitigated, without moving your location, though most can experience drastic reductions in exposure. 

After our recommendations are implemented, we test again to ensure that your exposure is reduced. At this stage of service, we test you, your home, and your workplace again to ensure that the steps we took to mitigate exposure worked. When we verify in the final testing stage, we compare the new tests with the report we previously prepared in order to ensure results!

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