We help you reduce RF, EMF, and dirty electricity exposure - so you can live a happier, healthier life.

RF – Radio Frequency   

EMF – Electromagnetic Field

Are you over-exposed to RF, EMF, or dirty electricity? 
Here are some possible symptoms:

Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) 

Migraine headaches


Night sweats

Ringing ears

Nighttime leg cramps

Acid reflux

Heart palpitations

Numbness in hands and arms, especially when waking up

Bleeding gums

Hair loss

Difficulty concentrating

Weight gain and inflammation


Hormonal imbalance, thyroid and pituitary gland

Eye pain and problems

Sinus infections

Susceptible to the flu

Memory loss



Ready for an EMF consultant to review and mitigate your exposure? 


The Total EMF Solutions process for bringing safety to your home:

Step 1: Testing

We use state of the art equipment to measure your home’s and your body’s exposure to EMF.

Step 2: Reporting

We report on what your exposure is – and what the source or sources are – so that you can reduce it.

Step 3: Mitigating

We recommend specific solutions to reduce and even eliminate your exposure.

Step 4: Verifying

When our recommendations are implemented, we test again to ensure that your exposure is reduced.

You shouldn’t have to live with EMF exposure.
We can help.

We’ve experienced many of the harmful effects of EMF. It’s why we began this consulting business – helping people live healthier lives.

We bring science and data to bear on this issue, to help you and your family. That way you can have the peace of mind that our EMF solutions truly are total.

Your EMF consultation uses data for your individual situation to track your exposure and provide recommendations for remediation.

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Your body uses electricity – so the wrong type can be harmful. 

The cells in your body use electricity to function. These cells must generate the right kind of electricity to tell your heart to pump, your kidneys to clean your blood, your thyroid to produce hormones, your brain cells to comprehend this sentence – you get the point. Electricity inside your body is necessary and natural. 

Even man-made electricity can be helpful. Think AEDs that shock hearts back into beating – or pacemakers, which keep a heartbeat regular. 

But over-exposure to man-made radio frequency, electric and magnetic fields, and/or dirty electricity can have very bad health consequences. As your body’s cells are exposed to electricity at a greater intensity or for a longer term than your body is made to handle, they don’t function properly. This exposure is increasing in our modern society – with little to no regulation, despite science showing its harmful effects. 

What makes Total EMF Solutions different? 

Almost no home in America looks the same when it comes to EMF exposure. We’ve seen easy fixes for clients; others have had to move. 

In order to understand the impact of EMF on a home, data needs to be collected. That way, you are responding appropriately. We don’t give cookie-cutter advice, we test your home for frequencies that may be harming you.

Additionally, we don’t simply measure the surrounding environment. We measure the impact of the environment on you by testing the voltage going through your body as you move around your home. This is especially critical as we measure places where you spend the majority of your time, like your bed, office chair, or favorite sofa.

Don't wait for your symptoms to worsen - request a consultation today.

For most, the effects of man-made EMF exposure are cumulative. The good news is that most people see symptoms drop off almost immediately when exposure is eliminated. But once someone breaches the tipping point, future exposure can bring symptoms back quickly.

Your health – and the health of your children and grandchildren – is worth the investment of reducing your EMF exposure. There is no need to continue allowing electrosmog to pollute your living spaces and harm you and the people you love.

What our clients say:

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